WebSockets - getting started with Stomp or Socket.IO

Recently Google announced the support for websockets in Cloud Run. We were quite excited about it so we decided to create a small PoC to see if everything is working correctly.

Themed styles in React application

Create a way to use multiple themes in your react-native app

Fixing Bugs in React Native Packages

In this blog post we'll address how to fix bugs in packages & native code with as little effort possible.

Build containers without using Docker

The simplicity of containers is lost because you need to construct them with the use of a Dockerfile.

Beware: Using hip javascript in React Native apps

Be aware when using new ECMAscript features in React Native apps

React Navigation & iOS screen reader focus

Hacking/fixing screen reader focus for iOS when using react-navigation

A piece of the smart meter puzzle: predicting energy consumption

The principles of time series forecasting have been with us forever. Improving the accuracy of demand forecasting is impactful in countless real world applications and sectors like retail, industry and finance. Yet still, people rely on traditional methods to optimize their actions. After reinforcement learning, computer vision & natural language processing, time series forecasting is next in line to be disrupted by deep learning technology