Creating an end-to-end encrypted chat with and

Recently, a client came to us asking for a chat solution with encryption support. After some research, we quickly came to a combined solution of and Seald

Tracing with OpenTelemetry

Tracing gives you great insights into certain bottlenecks within your application. I'll go over the steps needed to enable OpenTelemetry within a Fastify application on Google Cloud Run.

Single point versioning with Fastlane for React Native

Easy versioning for all files related to a versioned React Native app, via Fastlane

Gathering native debug symbols in React Native

A guide on how and why to add native debug symbols to your AAB in React Native

Passing the Professional Cloud Developer certificate exam

I joined ITP with the goal of learning and being pushed out of my comfort zone, so when I was asked if I would've liked it to go for a Google certificate, I said "well yes, why not". Not knowing what I was up to, of course.

From Figma to React Native using Specify

We all know the benefit of design systems. As a designer we want to have a consistent UI over web, mobile and any other platform the brand is present. As a developer we do not want to spend time exporting assets and colors from Figma, importing them into the code and repeating this process every time something changes. Luckily there exists a tool to automate this process.

Changing Android version number and code while building on CI

Updating the version number and code

Google Professional Machine Learning Certificate

A couple of weeks ago, ITP received a mail from Google's partner program, allowing us to do the Professional Machine Learning Certificate at no cost. If it weren't for this invitation, it would probably have taken a couple more months before feeling confident enough to endeavor in this ML adventure. After all, the requirements include three years of experience in Machine Learning on GCP and a thorough understanding of the AI components that it offers. Two conditions that I didn't meet.

Clean up old data on self-hosted macOS servers

Give your mac some love

WebSockets - getting started with Stomp or Socket.IO

Recently Google announced the support for websockets in Cloud Run. We were quite excited about it so we decided to create a small PoC to see if everything is working correctly.