Python, C++ ... Let's talk!

In an environment where complex optimization algorithms are being developed for edge computing platforms with limited resources, choosing the right tech stack is curcial. What about Python vs. C++ or the benifits of both?

WWDC 2022, let's get technical

WWDC 2022, let's get technical

Architecture & DevOps for ML Products and Services

Getting started with MLOPs through Architecture & CI/CD best practices at ITP, and extend it with new concepts from the world of Machine Learning.

You won't believe this incredible Flutter hack that made my code 20x faster

While working on a side project, I noticed that executing a particular piece of business logic took much longer than expected. After doing some research, I found a way to significantly speed up execution time using a simple trick.

Custom email address forwarding with Cloudflare

Cloudflare recently announced a new set of features, one of which is called Email routing.

Building accessible forms

On September 14th, In The Pocket signed the Digital Inclusion Charter to underline our commitment in fighting digital exclusion. In this post I'll explain how this can be applied to handling form submissions.

Serverless blog with 11ty, GraphCMS and Firebase

It doesn't always have to be the usual suspects: Next.js, Tailwind, Vercel and DatoCMS. There are other ways to easily build, manage and host a static blog in the cloud.

Integrate Gitlab with Google Cloud workload identity federation

In Gitlab 14.7, connecting to AWS, GCP and vault, and other cloud services is now possible by introducing the CI_JOB_JWT_V2 environment variable. I'll use this environment variable to impersonate a service account via workload identity federation.

Uploading files to Google Cloud Storage with

How to handle file uploads with and stream your files to Cloud Storage.

Dynamic OG Images in Next.js

Adding social media preview images is a great way to improve the professional look of your website and increase your click through rate. This article will guide you through the setup of dynamic OG images in Next.js.